The Mission of OBITS

The ultimate aim is to make OpenLedger – and therefore also OBITS – a product worthy of long-term investment, naturally increasing in value due to progressive improvements in the platform, thereby benefiting users in general as well as OBITS holders.



How it works and how to buy OBITS

1. Open an account on OpenLedger or any other platform or exchange with Bitshares 2.0 integrated.

2. Make a deposit in BTC, LTC, BTS, NBT, USD, EUR or CNY depending on the exchange offering OBITS.

3. Buy OBITS tokens from an offering seller on the open marketplace.

4. OBITS tokens can be purchased for potential appreciation and traded short term, or it can be held longer term as a means of obtaining income generated by the OBITS platform.

5. You can sell the tokens for any currency offered by buyers on the open marketplace, and withdraw your funds from your Open Ledger account.