• List of MarketplacesOpen or Close

    OBITS is bought and sold in the following marketplaces: OpenLedger.io and CCEDK

  • How can I verify that I am being given my fair share of profits?Open or Close

    All transactions made on the platform are verifiable on the blockchain, which is publicly accessible and auditable. Any user can therefore audit the profits generated and distributed by Open Ledger in real time. Full transparency, unlike conventional corporate and banking systems, help to ensure that stakeholders are treated fairly and are provided full information.

  • Are there any hidden fees involved in the receipt of profits?">Open or Close

    Other than transaction costs relating to the transfer of currencies (which is at a fraction of what the traditional banks levy), there are no additional costs or hidden fees. Transacting over the blockchain allows organizations such as ours to interact and operate in the financial realm with any account holder around the world without susceptibility to unreasonably burdensome fees imposed by the traditional corporate and banking systems.

  • How will my holdings affect voting?Open or Close

    Your voting rights are directly proportional to the amount of OBITS you hold. The larger the amount, the more influence you can exercise upon company decisions. Just like a real listed company depends upon its board for decisions, OBITS holders will be permitted to vote upon company decisions wherever it is deemed necessary.

  • As a token holder am I entitled to vote??Open or Close

    Yes. Your voting rights are directly proportional to the amount of OBITS that you hold. Larger stakeholders naturally will have greater influence on certain decisions of the organization. If you are a token holder you may access our operating rules upon written request to info@openledger.info."

  • What is the “Buyback” feature? Open or Close

    Unable to render embedded object: File (03a3bf2e-cf75-46f8-9713-994fbee22194) not found. OBITS will be bought back by Open Ledger using fees that it has generated from the Open Ledger platform. Regarding how Open Ledger generates its fees, a list of applicable revenue streams is stated on the OBITS website.

  • Results of First Buyback, as an example Open or Close

    On March 2, 2016, 50,770 OBITS was bought back at prevailing prices for a total of 1,188,000 BTS and 1.1946 BTC, resulting in an average premium to the holders of 40.92%. The total supply of OBITS was reduced to 18,228,000 OBITS. Please refer back to our “Statistics” page for current information.

  • I am interested in purchasing a larger amount of OBITS than is available in the public marketplaces. Open or Close

    Special arrangements must be made in order to execute a large block purchase or sale of OBITS under applicable rules. Contact info@openledger.info for more information.

    For all technical support issues you should contact the exchange or marketplace on which you placed your order. For Open Ledger technical support, contact info@openledger.info.