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New OBITS Voting scheduled for October 1st, 2018

Dear Valued OBITS Holder,
As we have received proposals on this subject from the community several times, and in view of the current market liquidity situation, we propose a vote on new OBITS buyback and distribution policy.

The Market Maker Buyback proposal:

Buyback & Burn of the OBITS tokens on dedicated tokens markets.

In October 2018 and every month from then on, we will gather assets from dedicated profit centers (vesting fees, market fees, and so on) in native assets, as we did before. On the second day of each month, we will place an OBITS Buyback order to each asset market: OBITS/OPEN.ETH, OBITS/EOS, OBITS/BTC and others.

All bought-back OBITS will be burned.

The price to place an order will be calculated based on the Median Value from the market price in the previous month.

If the order is not closed during the month, it will be cancelled and the remained assets will be put in the new order.

It will work like this:

Suppose the Median Value is 286 OBITS for 1 OPEN.ETH in September. We have collected 1 OPEN.ETH to be used in OBITS buyback in October. We've put an order on OBITS-OPEN.ETH market in amount 286 OBITS to 1 OPEN.ETH. Only 0.5 OPEN.ETH were spent in that order by November 1st.

Median Value is 350 OBITS for 1 OPEN.ETH in October. We have collected 2 OPEN.ETH to be used in OBITS buyback in November. We cancel the previous order and add 0.5 OPEN.ETH to 2 OPEN.ETH and place the new order in the amount of 875 OBITS to 2.5 OPEN.ETH.

VOTING RUNS UNTIL 01.10.2018, 13:00 CET

Only current OBITS holders can take part in voting. To ensure an accurate voting procedure, we will take a snapshot of OBITS holders accounts on 15:00 CET, September 4th, 2018.

Especially for this voting, we will create a new voting asset - the VOTING.OBITS token, in the amount of OBITS supply shown in the snapshot.

Start of voting - September 5th, 2018

On September 5th, every OBITS token holder will receive an incoming payment of OBITS.VOTING tokens, matching the amount of OBITS they own according to the snapshot. Tokens will be sent from the account obits-voting. In the memo field, each recipient will find the conditions of the voting procedure.

In order to express your opinion, you should send the OBITS.VOTING tokens to the following accounts:

obits-option1 - if you wish to accept the above-mentioned Market Maker Buyback proposal

obits-option2 - if you wish to leave the current procedures in place

Please check your OpenLedger account on September 5th, and express your opinion on OBITS’ future!

Do you agree with the Market Maker Buyback proposal?

  • YES -> send your OBITS.VOTING tokens to obits-option1 account
  • NO -> send your OBITS.VOTING tokens to obits-option2 account

On October 1st, 2018 13:00 CET we will take the snapshot of the voting options accounts, and make a calculation.

Whichever of the two voting accounts has more tokens will be the winner, and the Market Maker Buyback Proposal will be implemented according to the results of this vote.

If you have suggestions or ideas for improving ourMarket Maker proposal to bring more value to the OBITS token, we would be happy to hear your voice and look into your ideas! Please submit your thoughts before September 4th, 2018 to info@openledger.info.

Please note:

If OBITS.VOTING tokens are not sent to either voting account, they will not be counted. This could be, for example, if tokens are sent to the wrong account, or never sent at all.

For example: If 5 000 000 OBITS.VOTING tokens were sent to obits.option1 account and 200 000 OBITS.VOTING tokens were sent to obits.option2 account by 01.10.2018, 13:00 CET. The result will be - YES.

The OBITS.VOTING token is only a token that will be used for purpose of this particular Voting proposal. No other use of this token is intended. It will be burned after the voting procedure is finished and the results are published on the obits.io website and in other OpenLedger media channels

After the voting procedure all OBITS.VOTING tokens will be burned.

What is OBITS ?

The digital currency market is fraught with wild swings in prices. OBITS is a different kind of token that is based on the value of an ecosystem that facilitates the creation and trading of digital assets. Holders of OBITS are thus holding a stake in not one project, but rather, the infrastructure that supports a wide variety of projects based on blockchain technology.

OBITS tokens are hosted on OpenLedger, one of the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Exchanges. Open Ledger is not a registered “exchange” as traditionally defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory agencies worldwide. Instead, it is an open forum or marketplace that operates according to pre-set and generally accepted rules, permitting the free exchange of digital assets between buying and selling parties. Transactions on OpenLedger are always auditable, stable, and user’s balances are always available in full. Our business is based on blockchain technology offered by Bitshares, and our code is fully open source and available for review by any interested person.

Holding OBITS entitles you to become a part owner of the bright future that lies ahead of OpenLedger. OBITS owners have an access to share in the profits accumulated by the organization. OBITS holders are also entitled to cast votes on key decisions made by the organization.

Although we believe that the market value of OBITS is less volatile compared to single-project crypto assets or tokens, OBITS remains a highly speculative investment in an early-stage technology venture. Investors in OBITS should familiarize and fully inform themselves about the facts before making any investment decision.

Unlike Bitcoin, we believe OBITS is less vulnerable to extreme volatility or the vagaries of the market, because its value is more correlated with overall participation and trading, and not the success or failure of any particular project. We welcome you to learn more about our platform and to participate in its growth.


This means that no single entity or individual, including the CEO, makes binding decisions regarding the organization or has access to all the funds. Your funds are well protected by being distributed on computers across the world, so that no hacker will be able to break into or cause damage to the exchange.

OpenLedger’s decentralized exchange generates revenues by charging fees for providing services such as exchanging cryptocurrency with fiat, depositing or withdrawing funds, trading, registering on the exchange and taking referrals, to name a few. These profits are distributed among OBITS owners. This key functionality makes OBITS stand out against other well-known first-generation cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s price is determined on the basis of the market’s consensus of its value, decided by what people will pay on exchanges worldwide at any point in time. It is therefore extremely volatile and prone to sharp rises and falls, whereas OBITS’ value is determined by the businesses involved and the ongoing development of these decentralized digital platforms.


OpenLedger runs its business with decisions that are enforced by code. As humans we are all susceptible to greed and other emotions. However, when key decisions such as profit splits are pre-encoded into the system, it results in complete and reliable delivery on promises and increased trust in the system. This can be cross-checked by any individual with the technical know-how thanks to the open-source code on which the system runs.


The exchange empowers retail consumers from around the globe to swap their fiat or digital currencies for cryptocurrencies, and thereby profit by taking a small percentage of each transfer, deposit, withdrawal or exchange. The profit is then sent out to anyone that holds OBITS tokens. This is one of the key differences between bitcoin and OBITS. While holding bitcoin gives you access to a digital token, verifiable on the blockchain yet susceptible to market conditions, OBITS is a system that brings consistent wealth in the form of profit splits from the organization.

Common statistics:

Current total supply:

14,531,305.2137 OBITS
(18,276,000 OBITS initial total supply - 3,026,048 OBITS burned)

Market Cap. (OBITS sold to public):

$ 972,618 (816 BTC)

OBITS is Now Listed on Livecoin — Major Altcoin Exchange

banner_livecoin_600x350 (2)

March 3, 2017 — (Pandrup, Denmark) — OBITS began its entry into the major exchanges today with its debut on Livecoin, one of the best-known altcoin exchanges.

OBITS are the official digital token of the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC), allowing multiple organizations to join forces and directly invest in each other’s successes, reaping the benefits of cross-promotion throughout the entire network.

The OpenLedger DC is the world’s first blockchain powered conglomerate, and since its launch in 2015, has growth from strength to strength. OpenLedger initiate a buyback of OBITS and burning, thus reducing the overall supply, allowing a natural growth in the value of remaining funds over time.

In addition, OBITS.WARRANTS gives investors the right during 2017 to purchase OBITS tokens at a fixed price. From January 1,2018, these OBITS warrants will then be invalid.

The following currency pairs are listed on Livecoin: OBITS/BTC, OBITS/BTS, OBITS/ETH, OBITS/USD, and OBITS/EUR.

Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, stated, “These are exciting times for the OpenLedger DC and OBITS, and with blockchain technology set to boom worldwide, it is great pleasure to partner with the Livecoin exchange and list the official currency of the OpenLedger DC. The digital reward based token called OBITS is a token representing the future ways of generating value through digitalized leadership and people driven activities.”

“OBITS are powered by people worldwide, including bloggers, entrepreneurs, media, traders, investors, and app developers. They are all enjoying the opportunity to hold a decentralized asset carrying unlimited potential,taking place on the blockchain. Using the MIT Tech Graphene toolkit, it is this technology which is empowering the fintech trading platform OpenLedger, which is built on top of BitShares blockchain.”

Livecoin, which is registered in London, launched in April 2015, and since then has steadily grown to become one of the best-known altcoin exchanges. Livecoin offers a range of features suitable for beginners up to more experienced traders, allowing for both crypto and fiat trading.

Boesing continued, “The Livecoin exchange is the first of an expected 5–7 exchanges to add OBITS within next 4 months, and it is all part of our plan to make 2017 an exciting year for OpenLedger. We are expecting to present breaking news almost every week, with our next big release to be what we are calling ‘Crowdfunding 3.0 on the Blockchain.’ “

“Only three days ago we announced the Initial Token Offering (ITO) of OpenLedger’s Apptrade (www.apptrade.io), the platform which is being called “Kickstarter for Apps on the Blockchain”. Apptrade creates portfolios, or groups, of apps, where if one of those apps becomes the next Instagram or Angry Birds, then the value of the portfolio rises. This innovation contributes to the value of OBITS, and investors are responding well. With this said, we look forward to watching our performance on Livecoin.”


The Mission of OBITS

The ultimate aim is to make OpenLedger – and therefore also OBITS – a product worthy of long-term investment, naturally increasing in value due to progressive improvements in the platform, thereby benefiting users in general as well as OBITS holders.



How it works and how to buy OBITS

1. Open an account on OpenLedger or any other platform or exchange with Bitshares 2.0 integrated.

2. Make a deposit in BTC, LTC, BTS, NBT, USD, EUR or CNY depending on the exchange offering OBITS.

3. Buy OBITS tokens from an offering seller on the open marketplace.

4. OBITS tokens can be purchased for potential appreciation and traded short term, or it can be held longer term as a means of obtaining income generated by the OBITS platform.

5. You can sell the tokens for any currency offered by buyers on the open marketplace, and withdraw your funds from your Open Ledger account.


  • List of MarketplacesOpen or Close

    OBITS is bought and sold in the following marketplaces: OpenLedger.io and CCEDK

  • How can I verify that I am being given my fair share of profits?Open or Close

    All transactions made on the platform are verifiable on the blockchain, which is publicly accessible and auditable. Any user can therefore audit the profits generated and distributed by Open Ledger in real time. Full transparency, unlike conventional corporate and banking systems, help to ensure that stakeholders are treated fairly and are provided full information.

  • Are there any hidden fees involved in the receipt of profits?">Open or Close

    Other than transaction costs relating to the transfer of currencies (which is at a fraction of what the traditional banks levy), there are no additional costs or hidden fees. Transacting over the blockchain allows organizations such as ours to interact and operate in the financial realm with any account holder around the world without susceptibility to unreasonably burdensome fees imposed by the traditional corporate and banking systems.

  • How will my holdings affect voting?Open or Close

    Your voting rights are directly proportional to the amount of OBITS you hold. The larger the amount, the more influence you can exercise upon company decisions. Just like a real listed company depends upon its board for decisions, OBITS holders will be permitted to vote upon company decisions wherever it is deemed necessary.

  • As a token holder am I entitled to vote??Open or Close

    Yes. Your voting rights are directly proportional to the amount of OBITS that you hold. Larger stakeholders naturally will have greater influence on certain decisions of the organization. If you are a token holder you may access our operating rules upon written request to info@openledger.info."

  • What is the “Buyback” feature? Open or Close

    Unable to render embedded object: File (03a3bf2e-cf75-46f8-9713-994fbee22194) not found. OBITS will be bought back by Open Ledger using fees that it has generated from the Open Ledger platform. Regarding how Open Ledger generates its fees, a list of applicable revenue streams is stated on the OBITS website.

  • Results of First Buyback, as an example Open or Close

    On March 2, 2016, 50,770 OBITS was bought back at prevailing prices for a total of 1,188,000 BTS and 1.1946 BTC, resulting in an average premium to the holders of 40.92%. The total supply of OBITS was reduced to 18,228,000 OBITS. Please refer back to our “Statistics” page for current information.

  • I am interested in purchasing a larger amount of OBITS than is available in the public marketplaces. Open or Close

    Special arrangements must be made in order to execute a large block purchase or sale of OBITS under applicable rules. Contact info@openledger.info for more information.

    For all technical support issues you should contact the exchange or marketplace on which you placed your order. For Open Ledger technical support, contact info@openledger.info.

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