OBITS crowd sales on sites has ended for the time being!

When will be the next time for OBITS sale on site will be announced in connection with any future projects adding new value to OBITS and to OpenLedger. Any remaining amount listed on site as supply will in future be offered in limited amounts in connection with new project, and only in limited amount in order to keep interest and to create an ongoing interest in investing in OBITS.

Present OBITS holders will see added value from present as well as future revenue generators, and future owners will be attracted by the ongoing flow of news and interesting prospects.

Today the OBITS crowd sale ends and a future full of innovation with OBITS involved will begin.

It is only the start of something with great potential and with ongoing development and innovation involved; I can only say I have great expectations to where it will take us in coming years.

From now on it is possible to find OBITS on the open markets on exchanges on both and

It seems the OPENBTC market is not added with any buy orders, so theere is still an option here, other wise this 10% will be added to next time we do buyback.

On CCEDK it is apart from standard trading pairs furthermore possible to make use of the instant order feature for OBITS on BTS, BTC and fiat pairs.

BUYBACK from the morning February 2nd 2016

Buyback begins from 10 am February 2nd and will be completed once total accumulated revenue has been used to buy back OBITS from sell wall on BTS/OBITS market (90%) as well as OBITS/OPENBTC market (10%)

For all OBITS holders it is suggested to sign up on OBITS site for the ongoing news to be fully updated.

Welcome to the future of OBITS

Yours sincerely
Ronny Boesing