Get paid for blogging for OpenLedger

An incentives programme for new writers has just seen 11 BTC worth of digital currency paid out for the last month’s contributions.

As most bloggers will be only too aware, it’s hard to get paid for writing. You might be an expert in your topic, you might be prolific, you might write beautiful, engaging prose but - unfortunately - it can be tough to turn that into a paycheque. Many bloggers work for free, because they love their subject or because they’re looking to build up experience and a portfolio to use as a springboard to better things.

If you’re interested in crypto, know how to string a decent sentence together and want to earn real digital cash in return, OpenLedger has a scheme whereby you can write and be periodically rewarded for your efforts. It’s a great way to pick up some residual income and promote new technologies and initiatives.


Monthly payouts are in OBITS and BTSR. OBITS is a kind of catch-all token that represents present and future revenues from a wide variety of projects connected with crypto exchange CCEDK, OpenLedger’s Danish registrant. BTSR is a crypto-asset representing a proportion of revenues from the BitTeaser advertising programme - a crypto version of the popular AdSense. In each case, tokens are bought with revenues from the projects every month and then burned, eventually resulting in a natural rise in the value of remaining tokens as excess supply is taken off the market and holders enjoy the benefits of their long-term investment.

At the last payment, some 11 BTC worth (currently around $4500) of BTSR and OBITS was sent to participating bloggers.

Join the Bloggers’ Club 500

Some of the most active participants over the last few weeks have been writers for a Japanese cryptocurrency magazine. At the present time, Japanese bloggers top the Bloggers’ Club 500: a special VIP club of bloggers created by OBITS’ founder CCEDK. The plan is to pull together a group of 500 active and influential bloggers who will be able to drive forward awareness and adoption for Bitshares and OpenLedger, as well as future initiatives built on the platform.

The Club is still open to new members, who will benefit from not only ongoing rewards but passive income from being a lifetime member on the decentralised exchange and BitShares 2.0 platform OpenLedger.

About Bitshares

The BitShares platform on which Openledger is built is based on MIT-licensed Graphene blockchain technology. Within the last few weeks, BitShares 2.0 has introduced its first ‘Fee Backed Asset’ that offers Private Transfers - and has also moved over to dramatically reduced transfer and trading fees thanks to the integrated governance structure on the blockchain.

Meanwhile, OpenLedger’s newest addition, the BTSR token, is attracting attention. The BitTeaser programme is still in pre-sale stages, with a crowdsale starting on March 11. It’s a bright time to get involved in new technologies and disruptive new models of business with the Sharing Economy.

To find out more about the Bloggers’ Club 500 and sign up, visit