Profit distribution

OBITS token owners are entitled to a proportional share of the profits on OpenLedger and any further projects added in the future. These profits will be paid in the form of buy-backs. It is expected with new fee structure, that a monthly payment structure in the form of sharedropping of 90% BTS and 10% OPEN.BTC will replace the buyback structure.

Fees on OpenLedger included in OBITS revenue stream of profits:

  • 80% of all Basic fees from users signing up on Openledger with no prior Life Time or annual member as referrer
  • 50% of all Basic fees from users signing up on Openledger referred via Annual member.
  • 20% of all Basic fees from users signing up on Openledger referred by Life Time member.

NB! Please have a look at following link for full details on all fees involved:
NB! It means again that all above percentages are based on an amount where 20% network fee has already been deducted.

Trading Fees(exchange commission) on OpenLedger incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits
  • 0.2% Open.USD, Open.EUR, Open.CNY
  • 0.3% OBITS, BTSR
  • 3% OPENPOS

Withdrawal fees on OpenLedger fiat assets incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits
  • 3% Open.USD, Open.EUR, Open.CNY

Profits generated from referral programs incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits:
  • 100% of the revenue achieved from the referral fees conncted with the accounts OpenLedger, OBITS, Emercoin, NuShares, or any other account owned by ccedkbts involving any of the projects mentioned or part of.

Amounts achieved from sales of new projects (OBITS the market maker) incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits:
  • 10% of the issued part of crowdsale and presale of the new project BTSR related to the Blockchain Ad Network Bitteaser will be added to OBITS revenue stream adding value to OBITS for future sharedrop and/or buyback
  • 20% of the designated revenues of BitTeaser from the BTSR asset will be used as part of the monthly sharedrop and/or buyback of OBITS.

NB! For more information on BTSR which is an asset created on the present and future value of the Blockchain Ad Network BitTeaser, plrease go to

more projects will come in near future!

OBITS uses a new approach to increase investors’ capital and the value of this token/cryptocurrency. Destruction of tokens purchased at buy-back will implicit cause the appreciation of the remaining tokens. You can find out more here.

Token owners can lock in their profits by selling their OBITS at Openledger or other participating exchanges, using the order book.


  • Voting and adding new projects

  • Using Bitshares’ voting scheme, OBITS will be used to choose new projects to be included in Openledger, and to add the profits on its existing projects under development that are ready to join.
  • Profits from OpenLedger (ready!)
  • Profits from Blockchain Advertising Network BitTeaser - BTSR (ready!). Whant to know more? Visit
  • Profits from fees on all future deposits and withdrawals of Open assets incl. fiat. (ready!)
  • Profits from trading fees on all OpenLedger ApS assets incl. fiat. (ready!).
  • Profits from trading fees on issued assets like OPENPOS (ready!)
  • Profits from 35% of fees collected via TipBot project called ShareBits (
  • Profits from transactions conducted on the world’s first real crypto debit card CCEDK’s NanoCard.
  • Profits from future projects created with OBITS as the market maker.
  • Note: Anyone who has their own assets or projects represented on OpenLedger may buy OBITS in return for adding some or all of their profits to OBITS’ income. These projects will be chosen with the aid of Bitshares’ voting system. A voting schedule will be posted via Twitter.

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