• Exchanges listOpen or Close

    You are able to buy OBITS from any of the following exchanges (list available from 1 December 2015):

  • How can I ensure I am being given fair share of profits?Open or Close

    All transactions made on the platform are verifiable on the blockchain. Any user can therefore audit the profits generated by the company in real time. Since the blockchain ensures full transparency, unlike conventional banking systems, stakeholders and shareholders will be able to ensure they are not being cheated.

  • Are there any hidden fees involved in the receipt of profits?Open or Close

    Except for the transaction cost of sending the money (which is a fraction of what the banks charge), there will be no surplus costs or hidden fees involved. Working with the blockchain allows organizations like ours to interact and work in the financial realm with anyone around the globe without being susceptible to the draconian fees imposed by the existing banking system.

  • How will my holdings affect voting?Open or Close

    Your voting rights are directly proportional to the amount of OBITS you hold. The larger the amount, the more influence you can exercise upon company decisions. Just like a real listed company depends upon its board for decisions, OBITS holders will be permitted to vote upon company decisions wherever it is deemed necessary.

  • What is the ‘buyback’ feature? Open or Close

    OBITS will be bought back at market price using 100% of fees generated from the OpenLedger Exchange Network. A list of applicable fees is mentioned on OBITS website, with more information to be added in due course.

    Example #1. Alice places a sell order for 1 OBITS at 30 BTS. Her sell order is the cheapest on buy-back day, so CCEDK will buy Alice’s 1 OBITS for 30 BTS on the base of obtained profits. Furthermore, any OBITS tokens bought in this way using OpenLedger profits will be burned (destroyed), thereby increasing the price of remaining OBITS tokens.

    Example #2. Bob has bought 100 OBITS for 15 BTS/OBITS (total 1,500 BTS). He decides to sell 10% of his holdings on buy-back day at the price of 150 BTS/OBITS (total 1,500 BTS). According to the given rules, all orders are bought back on the basis of generated profits. In this example, if Bob’s sell order is met, he stands to keep 90% of his initial OBITS holdings, fully paying for the original cost of the remaining tokens.

  • Results of first BuyBack Open or Close

    Equivalent of 147,800 BTS was spent on openBTC/OBITS market
    1,330,200 BTS was spent on BTS/OBITS market
    Summary, 49,800 OBITS have been bough back
    More than 41% - instant price growth
    New supply available - 18,228,000 OBITS

  • I want to invest in a lot of OBITS. Open or Close

    Due to the limited amount of OBITS left and consequently only offered to bigger investors.
    Our CEO Ronny Boesing will be happy to conclude a deal with you.
    Please feel free to contact him at your earliest convenience on email: ronny@ccedk.com

  • I've sent X BTC/BTC/DGD/etc to metaexchange (or other exchange). Why I didn't get money? Open or Close

    It's a very recent question. Remember, first of all you should contact support center of exchange service you are using. In 99% they will solve your problem.