OBITS is a token representing a right to certain benefits, earnings and other entitlements of the OpenLedger group of entities. To find out more about OBITS visit this informational page: https://obits.io/#about Approximately 1.4 million OBITS have been burned (removed from circulation) since early 2016, and 16.9 million remain, of which 9.9 million are in public supply. We believe that token value will more likely be enhanced when the total supply of our tokens is limited.

In December 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016, a total of 18,276,898 OBITS tokens were originally issued by Open Ledger in an initial coin offering. After completion of the ICO, no additional OBITS tokens have been offered or sold by Open Ledger. At this time there is no ongoing offering or sale of OBITS tokens. Traders and investors may acquire OBITS on the open market through the platforms listed above.

OBITS may be purchased on the open market for BTC, BTS or bitUSD. If acquired with an Open Ledger wallet, the acquirer will be the exclusive controller of the account and its assets including OBITS and other tokens. We recommend that users back up their accounts, and that users store backup keys and passwords in a secure place.

OBITS now trades on LIVECOIN, the first centralized marketplace on which OBITS can be bought and sold. We expect more marketplaces to facilitate the buying and selling of OBITS and will make announcements when new marketplaces are added.

OpenLedger buys back OBITS on the BTS market every 2nd day of the month as a part of a long standing buyback program. The buyback program is expected, over time, to further limit the total number of OBITS tokens in circulation.

If you have any questions, please email info@openledger.info