Depending on how much you wish to purchase: Larger amounts of OBITS? It could pay off to buy OBITS WARRANTS Smaller amounts of OBITS? Simply buy from the OBITS markets

To secure the constant growth of OBITS, the option to buy OBITS in bulk orders has been replaced with OBITS WARRANTS.The remaining 7 million OBITS have been reserved for a token drop on all investors in the form of OBITS WARRANT's,in a progressive attempt to increase the price.

We suggest buying OBITS directly from the markets linked above, in either BTC, BTS or bitUSD.What you buy stays in your own wallet, with no one else but you in control of your funds. IMPORTANT: PLEASE BACKUP YOUR ACCOUNT and store the backup key and password in a secure place, away from your computer.

You may also buy from LIVECOIN,the first centralized exchange offering OBITS, and we expect more exchanges to offer OBITS, shortly.

OpenLedger buys back OBITS on the BTS market every 2nd day of the month, so it is advised to buy prior to that time, on the market of your preference.



7 million OBITS WARRANTSOBITS WARRANTS are available for sale at the price of bitUSD 0.10 per unit. OpenLedger will use this amount to buy back OBITS from the market and burn it, reducing the overall supply, and at the same time,drive up the price.This limited amount of 7 million OBITS WARRANTSare released in increments of 500,000, and only offered directly to interested parties on request, subscribers, or holders.

Anyone believing OBITS will be worth more than 0.26 bitUSD in 2017 will benefit as you pay only the price of 0.16 bitUSD for every OBITS you buy with 1 OBITS WARRANT (Your cost 0.10 + 0.16 bitUSD = 0.26 bitUSD).

100% of the amount paid to buy OBITS WARRANTS will be used to buy back and burn existing OBITS tokens, pushing up the price of OBITS. Approximately 1.4 million OBITS have been burned(erased from circulation) since early 2016, and 16.9 million remain, of which 9.9 million are in public supply.


  • Every OBITS Warrant purchased gives you the right, during 2017, to convert to not publicly released OBITS tokens.
  • From1 January 2018, these OBITS Warrants will then be invalid.
  • Conversion rate: 1 OBITS Warrant + 0.16 BitUSD = 1 OBITS token.

Any questions, or to redeem your OBITS with your OBITS.WARRANT, please email Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger on e-mail ronny@openledger.info