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The most recent question for last week is "Where I can buy OBITS?" Yes, crowdsale of OBITS is closed and there is no more free OBITS on obits.io but... Obits are successfully traided on Openledger. The most common pairs for OBITS are:

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The BuyBack today of 79.939,7297 OBITS executed. Congrats


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Buy OBITS with Shapeshift for new cryptocurrencies!

Dear prospective and current OBITS owners, We are in a constant, non-stop search for new ways to make OBITS purchase process easier. We are pleased to offer you new Shapeshift options.

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The BuyBack of 66,233 OBITS was held!


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Dear OBITS holder or soon to be, from now on you can buy OBITS for the ETH (Ethereum) cryptocurrency . Welcome.

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What is OBITS ?

OBITS gives the chance to profit from the wild swings in prices of the digital currency market without of it`s deep understanding. OBITS is therefore a way of empowering the average user to profit from the markets without a comprehensive background either in trading strategies or blockchain technology.

OBITS tokens are hosted on OpenLedger, one of the world’s first truly Decentralized Autonomous Exchanges. This means the holdings of the exchange are always auditable, stable, and user’s balances are always available in full. Unlike ordinary banks it does not depend on fractional reserves. The business is based on blockchain technology offered by Bitshares and its code is fully open source for anyone who wants to look further.

Holding OBITS entitles you to become a part owner of the bright future that lies ahead of OpenLedger. OBITS owners have an access to share in the profits issued by the organization. Just like a real life business, you will also be entitled to cast votes on key decisions made by the issuer. Buying OBITS is the equivalent of buying an early stake in a ground-breaking technology company.

Unlike bitcoin, OBITS is not subject to market manipulation, extremely volatility or the vagaries of the market. This empowers the founding team to keep your vested money safe and protected from unexpected declines in value. Given the fact that the product is just starting to penetrate new markets, there’s only one development path – upwards.


This means that no single entity or individual, including the CEO, makes binding decisions regarding the organization or has access to all the funds. Your funds are well protected by being distributed on computers across the world, so that no hacker will be able to break into or cause damage to the exchange.

OpenLedger’s decentralized exchange generates revenues by charging fees for providing services such as exchanging cryptocurrency with fiat, depositing or withdrawing funds, trading, registering on the exchange and taking referrals, to name a few. These profits are distributed among OBITS owners. This key functionality makes OBITS stand out against other well-known first-generation cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s price is determined on the basis of the market’s consensus of its value, decided by what people will pay on exchanges worldwide at any point in time. It is therefore extremely volatile and prone to sharp rises and falls, whereas OBITS’ value is determined by the businesses involved and the ongoing development of these decentralized digital platforms.


OpenLedger runs its business with decisions that are enforced by code. As humans we are all susceptible to greed and other emotions. However, when key decisions such as profit splits are pre-encoded into the system, it results in complete and reliable delivery on promises and increased trust in the system. This can be cross-checked by any individual with the technical know-how thanks to the open-source code on which the system runs.


The exchange empowers retail consumers from around the globe to swap their fiat or digital currencies for cryptocurrencies, and thereby profit by taking a small percentage of each transfer, deposit, withdrawal or exchange. The profit is then sent out to anyone that holds OBITS tokens. This is one of the key differences between bitcoin and OBITS. While holding bitcoin gives you access to a digital token, verifiable on the blockchain yet susceptible to market conditions, OBITS is a system that brings consistent wealth in the form of profit splits from the organization.

Time before next BuyBack:

Next BuyBack day: June 2, 2016, 12.00 UTC

TIER 3: ICOO Crowdsale Special

Status: In progress

Limited amount released:


Amount left to buy:

OBITS amount left
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Recent Orders

TIER 2: BTSR Crowdsale Special

Status: Finished

TIER 1: OBITS Crowd Sales

Status: Finished

Buyback history:

02 June 2016 Pending... Pending... Pending... Pending...
02 May 2016 71,939 OBITS 2,131,249.5 BTS + 2.4 BTC +6.62% (BTS) Done
02 April 2016 66,233 OBITS 1,424,961 BTS + 2.14 BTC +19.18% (BTS) Done
02 March 2016 50,770 OBITS 1,188,000 BTS + 1.1946 BTC +40.92% (BTS) Done
02 Februrary 2016 49,800 OBITS 1,330,200 BTS + 1.257 BTC +9.55% (BTS) Done

Common statistics:

Current total supply:

18,030,155 OBITS
(18,276,898 OBITS initial total supply - 246,743 OBITS burned)

Issued supply of OBITS reserved for campaigns:


Market Cap. (OBITS sold to public):


You will get:

Minimum amount

Profit distribution

OBITS token owners are entitled to a proportional share of the profits on OpenLedger and any further projects added in the future. These profits will be paid in the form of buy-backs. It is expected with new fee structure, that a monthly payment structure in the form of sharedropping of 90% BTS and 10% OPEN.BTC will replace the buyback structure.

Fees on OpenLedger included in OBITS revenue stream of profits:

  • 80% of all Basic fees from users signing up on Openledger with no prior Life Time or annual member as referrer
  • 50% of all Basic fees from users signing up on Openledger referred via Annual member.
  • 20% of all Basic fees from users signing up on Openledger referred by Life Time member.

NB! Please have a look at following link for full details on all fees involved: cryptofresh.com/fees
NB! It means again that all above percentages are based on an amount where 20% network fee has already been deducted.

Trading Fees(exchange commission) on OpenLedger incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits
  • 0.2% Open.USD, Open.EUR, Open.CNY
  • 0.3% OBITS, BTSR
  • 3% OPEN.POS

Withdrawal fees on OpenLedger fiat assets incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits
  • 3% Open.USD, Open.EUR, Open.CNY

Profits generated from referral programs incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits:
  • 100% of the revenue achieved from the referral fees conncted with the accounts OpenLedger, OBITS, Emercoin, NuShares, or any other account owned by ccedkbts involving any of the projects mentioned or part of.

Amounts achieved from sales of new projects (OBITS the market maker) incl. in OBITS revenue stream of profits:
  • 10% of the issued part of crowdsale and presale of the new project BTSR related to the Blockchain Ad Network Bitteaser will be added to OBITS revenue stream adding value to OBITS for future sharedrop and/or buyback
  • 20% of the designated revenues of BitTeaser from the BTSR asset will be used as part of the monthly sharedrop and/or buyback of OBITS.

NB! For more information on BTSR which is an asset created on the present and future value of the Blockchain Ad Network BitTeaser, plrease go to btsr.io

more projects will come in near future!

OBITS uses a new approach to increase investors’ capital and the value of this token/cryptocurrency. Destruction of tokens purchased at buy-back will implicit cause the appreciation of the remaining tokens. You can find out more here.

Token owners can lock in their profits by selling their OBITS at Openledger or other participating exchanges, using the order book.


  • Voting and adding new projects

  • Using Bitshares’ voting scheme, OBITS will be used to choose new projects to be included in Openledger, and to add the profits on its existing projects under development that are ready to join.
  • Profits from OpenLedger (ready!)
  • Profits from Blockchain Advertising Network BitTeaser - BTSR (ready!). Whant to know more? Visit BTSR.io.
  • Profits from fees on all future deposits and withdrawals of Open assets incl. fiat. (ready!)
  • Profits from trading fees on all CCEDK OPEN.xxx assets incl. fiat. (ready!).
  • Profits from trading fees on issued assets like OPENPOS (ready!)
  • Profits from 35% of fees collected via TipBot project called ShareBits (www.ShareBits.io)
  • Profits from transactions conducted on the world’s first real crypto debit card CCEDK’s NanoCard.
  • Profits from future projects created with OBITS as the market maker.
  • Note: Anyone who has their own assets or projects represented on OpenLedger may buy OBITS in return for adding some or all of their profits to OBITS’ income. These projects will be chosen with the aid of Bitshares’ voting system. A voting schedule will be posted via Twitter.

    All requests about your online business offer can be sent to ronny@ccedk.com

ROI – Return on Investment

OpenLedger is powered by an automatic referral system built into the platform. Just like every business, we have revenues and expenses. OBITS investors will benefit via a two-stage process:

Stage 1: OBITS sales

Private pre-sale and public offering

Already taken place up to 30 November 2015, OBITS was possible to be purchased directly from the founder, receiving funds straight from the original OBITS ‘Genesis’ account. On 1 December public trading was officially declared open, and large amounts has been made available on different exchanges at market price.


Pre-sales prices were lower than the current market price, and significantly lower than the price offered to the general public.

Stage 2: OBITS buy-back

OBITS was bought back first time February 2nd 2016 at market price on OBITS markets BTS and OPEN.BTC and then burned, which means bought back amount of OBITS 49 800 was removed permanently from total available supply.

Example #1. Alice places a sell order for 1 OBITS at 30 BTS. Her sell order is the cheapest on buy-back day, so CCEDK will buy Alice’s 1 OBITS for 30 BTS on the base of obtained profits. Furthermore, any OBITS tokens bought in this way using OpenLedger profits will be burned (destroyed), thereby increasing the price of remaining OBITS tokens.

Example #2. Bob has bought 100 OBITS for 15 BTS/OBITS (total 1,500 BTS). He decides to sell 10% of his holdings on buy-back day at the price of 150 BTS/OBITS (total 1,500 BTS). According to the given rules, all orders are bought back on the basis of generated profits. In this example, if Bob’s sell order is met, he stands to keep 90% of his initial OBITS holdings, fully paying for the original cost of the remaining tokens.

Conclusion from first successful buyback

  • More than $5,000 was involved in the buyback.
  • Price growth of OBITS on buyback day was more than 40%
  • Initial OBITS price at launch was $0.045 (4.5 cents)
  • OBITS price at the end of buyback was $0.105 (10.5 cents)
  • Current OBITS price is around $0.075-0.085 (7.5-8.5 cents)

*All prices in USD are converted to the equivalent to BTS on a buyback day. In the above mentioned case, someone who had initially spent $100 on OBITS would receive more than $225 ($125 of profit) in just 3 months in case they decided to cash out taking part in the buyback.

It means, that 'Bob', having spent 100$ at the very beginning of introduction of OBITS, could have reached more than 225$ (125$ of clean profits) in just 3 months.

These are real statistics and the results of the FIRST buy-back.


A growing interest in OpenLedger will increase overall fees generated on the platform, indirectly supporting a healthy increase in OBITS’ valuation.


NB! If there are no sell orders at the time of the monthly buy-back, any unspent revenues will be held and included in the buy-back the following month, and so on.


The Mission of OBITS

The ultimate aim is to make OpenLedger – and therefore also OBITS – a product worthy of long-term investment, naturally increasing in value due to progressive improvements in the platform, thereby benefiting users in general as well as OBITS holders.



How it works and how to buy OBITS

1. Open an account on OpenLedger or any other platform or exchange with Bitshares 2.0 integrated.

2. Make a deposit in BTC, LTC, BTS, NBT, USD, EUR or CNY depending on the exchange offering OBITS.

3. Buy OBITS tokens.

4. OBITS tokens can be traded and used as a speculative instrument or as means of profiting from a long-term cryptocurrency investment.

5. You can sell the tokens for any currency offered, and withdraw your funds according to the exchange’s rules.

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  • Exchanges listOpen or Close

    You are able to buy OBITS from any of the following exchanges (list available from 1 December 2015):

  • How can I ensure I am being given fair share of profits?Open or Close

    All transactions made on the platform are verifiable on the blockchain. Any user can therefore audit the profits generated by the company in real time. Since the blockchain ensures full transparency, unlike conventional banking systems, stakeholders and shareholders will be able to ensure they are not being cheated.

  • Are there any hidden fees involved in the receipt of profits?Open or Close

    Except for the transaction cost of sending the money (which is a fraction of what the banks charge), there will be no surplus costs or hidden fees involved. Working with the blockchain allows organizations like ours to interact and work in the financial realm with anyone around the globe without being susceptible to the draconian fees imposed by the existing banking system.

  • How will my holdings affect voting?Open or Close

    Your voting rights are directly proportional to the amount of OBITS you hold. The larger the amount, the more influence you can exercise upon company decisions. Just like a real listed company depends upon its board for decisions, OBITS holders will be permitted to vote upon company decisions wherever it is deemed necessary.

  • What is the ‘buyback’ feature? Open or Close

    OBITS will be bought back at market price using 100% of fees generated from the OpenLedger Exchange Network. A list of applicable fees is mentioned on OBITS website, with more information to be added in due course.

    Example #1. Alice places a sell order for 1 OBITS at 30 BTS. Her sell order is the cheapest on buy-back day, so CCEDK will buy Alice’s 1 OBITS for 30 BTS on the base of obtained profits. Furthermore, any OBITS tokens bought in this way using OpenLedger profits will be burned (destroyed), thereby increasing the price of remaining OBITS tokens.

    Example #2. Bob has bought 100 OBITS for 15 BTS/OBITS (total 1,500 BTS). He decides to sell 10% of his holdings on buy-back day at the price of 150 BTS/OBITS (total 1,500 BTS). According to the given rules, all orders are bought back on the basis of generated profits. In this example, if Bob’s sell order is met, he stands to keep 90% of his initial OBITS holdings, fully paying for the original cost of the remaining tokens.

  • Results of first BuyBack Open or Close

    Equivalent of 147,800 BTS was spent on openBTC/OBITS market
    1,330,200 BTS was spent on BTS/OBITS market
    Summary, 49,800 OBITS have been bough back
    More than 41% - instant price growth
    New supply available - 18,228,000 OBITS

  • I want to invest in a lot of OBITS. Open or Close

    Due to the limited amount of OBITS left and consequently only offered to bigger investors.
    Our CEO Ronny Boesing will be happy to conclude a deal with you.
    Please feel free to contact him at your earliest convenience on email: ronny@ccedk.com

  • I've sent X BTC/BTC/DGD/etc to metaexchange (or other exchange). Why I didn't get money? Open or Close

    It's a very recent question. Remember, first of all you should contact support center of exchange service you are using. In 99% they will solve your problem.

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